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Recurrent Miscarriage: Immunotherapy

This includes the diagnosis of the cause of recurrent miscarriage using ultrasound and genetic testing and immunological analysis

Treatment of any cause of the miscarriage and management of any immunological rejection of the foetus by the mother.

Egg Timer Test (Ovarian Reserve Assessment)


The egg timer test estimates the ovarian reserve – the number of good quality eggs left within the ovaries. This gives an indication of the likely fertility status of a woman. The test involves a single blood test and a trans-vaginal ultrasound between days 3 - 5 of the menstrual cycle. The blood test measures levels of several different hormones, and combined with the scan result gives an estimate of the ovarian reserve.

This method allows the effective age the ovaries irrespective of the chronological age of the patient.



This includes the diagnosis of the cause of the infertility and management of the cause.

Timing of ovulation to increase the availability of the egg and sperm for fertilisation

Ovulation induction and stimulation


Fully IVF services can be arranged through our associated medical specialists.